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Polo in Sotogrande

Polo in Sotogrande – What You Need to Know. Everything Relating to Polo In & Around Sotogrande. The Santa Maria Polo Club Organizes And Hosts The 49th International Mansion Polo Tournament, From July 25th To August 30th. The excitement of a unique sport returns to Sotogrande, with the beauty and strength of the horse, and the fun and leisure that accompany the competition. This year...

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Visiting Sotogrande luxury resorts in Southern Spain

Visiting Sotogrande luxury resorts in Southern Spain In a small and special corner of the Campo de Gibraltar region, this quiet tourist hotspot emerges. The place has been privileged with anonymity, important sporting events, and some excellent tourist offers that provides visitors and inhabitants with an environment that is full of peace and tranquility. From beautiful beaches and amazing nature to...

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